Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poor ol' "Karl!"

"EriK" flubs one, goes the wrong way and then gets accused of "Diving" by these Tranna centric League Officials. Remember these are the guys who put the puck on it's edge for TV time outs when the puck is bouncing all over like an Indian Rubber Ball.

Their goalie caught some luck and ours didn't!

The Ducks are a good one line team, sometimes, if they are fresh, one line teams are tough to beat. It's funny how easy the games become when you are out of it.

Phillips plays well so Kuba takes the night off...

Why dress Carks and then go with 5 Defencemen?

If Alfie blocks one more shot I'm telling Hugo on him.

Petersson, our human bullet, needs to play with the big guys.

Jason...I know the system has you high in your own zone but be more pro-active, play a little "hard" defence once in a while.

9mm is feeling the eyes of California on him.

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