Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Law of Humanity!

Galley says the guys are trying to "hurt" you when you they hit. And we better admit it and get used to it.  What about intent to injure?? It's a major penalty!

You guys, Yorkie, Chum, Kipreos and you, the Alumni, are starting to fall all over yourselves trying to defend over the line, dirty, dangerous plays. That's why we the fans get so many "crazy" over the top explanations for some of the more "brutal" hits!

You don't think Dave Steckel didn't meant to hit Sid and hurt him or that immature Goof for the Rangers, who concussed Alfie...Gary Galley, ya can't hit guys like that anymore, it's against the Law of Humanity!

You guys all coach and teach hockey school for kids...ya can't propagandize this type of play on national TV or local radio anymore...it's bullshit!


  1. Nik:

    I think your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. You can't teach kids that hits are to separate players from pucks, and turn around and say on air that you hit to injure other players. It's not a responsible thing to do!

    He also commented on the fact that star players no longer can get away from fourth liners, and that star players have targets on their backs too.

    I wonder if these guys have considered who fills the seats? Do people go to games to see grinders, or do they want to see the stars?

    You think these jokers are commenting on roller derby, not hockey ...


  2. Thanks JL.

    Too many people just listen to these guys and don't hear what they are saying!