Monday, January 16, 2012

Trap Game!

Oh, we are still so vulnerable when we are not ready mentally...

Jason starts us off...then cannot win a face off all night...

Alfie was a step late all night and he had the chances...

9mm's worst game as a SEN...

Neil is just not an offensive player anywhere on the ice...

"Karl"was sleeping for most of the game...

The LINESMEN were horseshit tonight, I think it was one of the guys who puts the puck on it's edge during time outs?

Tough one "Andy" but let us hope that your team mates show up in TRANNA!


  1. Not surprising that a team of replacements moved to a disciplined trap.
    The executed, got the first goal, and trapped like hell. Reminded me of New Jersey circa 2001, and just about as exciting.

    Toronto doesn't have such discipline.

  2. Michael:

    Let's just rock these guys, they are "paper mache!"

  3. Did you see Kessel's "hit" on Zach Smith? He bounced off and nearly concussed himself. Zach didn't even notice.