Sunday, January 8, 2012

He's comin' to our rink @ the park!

Danny Briere, he is comin' to our rink @ the park. It's not Philly or Gatineau, it's Ottawa.This gifted, lucky, little, local hockey player, who would not think of playing in Montreal or Ottawa for that matter...the pressure, the taxes and now the ex wife(?) will have to come and play in our barn today. Note: He got a lot tougher when he went from Buffalo to Philadelphia. I think we should give him a little extra attention. The three center rotation to start with as he spends the majority of his shifts coming back late or hiding and hangin' around our net. Then ya tell him about his Hat Trick, he fans creating a BS change up rebound, a second goal Chris Phillips knock in for him and the last one because he stays late hiding behind the net...he didn't deserve to score one let alone three. And to finish it because he likes to play hard on the young guys Jared Cowen should commit to him behind the net and squash the bastard then we shall see how many groin hooks he throws after that!

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