Sunday, January 8, 2012

Memo to Coach Paul!

Played on a very experienced older team, our much lauded International Coach would think nothing of once he gave you the tap and told you to change on the fly...of holding your shoulder or even your sweater until the man you were replacing was approximately 10 feet from the bench. It just gave everyone a second chance in case the puck came toward your bench or the "arsehole", who was supposed to come off, decides to stay on and play the puck!

Note: Now I know that this is the "Show" but clearly you have a problem which stems from you. That's you plural, the coaching staff!

Note 2: That one time you cheat and break up a rush or get the advantage of the other team is far out weighed by the number of short handed goals resulting from TMMOTI Penalties!


  1. Nik:

    Let's hope it was a one time thing. No more "Cloustons" from now on!