Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Remember the Alamo! or is it MSG!

First game @ MSG...we are up one nothin', skatin' 'em into the ice...PPG...PPG...Rangers up 2-1. We get 40 shots and have to beat 'em in overtime...ZEBRA ALERT!

Lundqvist loves our Swedes, he thinks he can out think us...Alfie and "Karl" have news for him...this time everything goes in just under the bar!

Jason is finally ready for the bright lights of ol''s his team now! (with Alfie)

The League reporters, the Tranna guys, have not caught up to how good we are yet...they don't really know us or how good "Karl" is. How fast Kyle is. How tough "Andy" is. How young Alfie "feels". How responsible Jason is. How improved Kuba is. How strong 9mm is. How skilled Foligno is. How hard Zack can shoot. How tough mentally Cons is. How perfect our "Cyborg" is.

Note: I think the prognosticators on the Senators Prediction Panel...STINK! If any of you were betting with the Bookie...he'd own your car by now! SENs win 4 to 1.


  1. Wow, you had the right goal differential! 3 to nil is much sweeter than 4 to 1 though... Go Sens!

  2. Oman:

    I just didn't like our own guys jumping ship, to a man they all took Rangers!