Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

They usta say: "Ya can only be on the train to Chicago so many times!"

"Karl" says to his newest best friend Eugene..."Don't send the Limo for my good friend Robin, it's time he gets used to your Silver Bird, the Leer, because he will be going first class from here on out!"

Robin says: ";)"

This man is so ready it hurts me to write about it.

Initially, I thought, play Alex vs Boston but the guys on Senschirp are right throw Robin Hood right in the frying pan...let Brian see what he's got!

I stood 10' away from Lehner and maybe 12' from Wamsley @ Training Camp, Rick couldn't take his eyes off him and he couldn't stop smiling...the rookies couldn't score on him they were totally intimidated...

The "Big Kid" was and is ready for his shot...I, for one, think he will be not just good, he will be really good...

Note: Alfie likes him too!


  1. Hmm... Such a mysterious situation.

    A freak mishap with a knife... Cryptic tweets...

    Perhaps the "hunter" has finally captured his prey...


  2. I know it is an orange and apple comparision but Lehner's B-Sens numbers are not great. So, I have a knot in my stomach over this one.

  3. Oman:

    The Hunter's Toast (German) "To a good hunt and a good bag!"

  4. PvR:

    Robin has the new Goal Tender's syndrome going for him...the "new guy", they don't have a book on him yet and he's as big as house and as quick as a cat!

  5. I like the way you are thinking Nik. Let me try that positive attitude.

  6. PvR:

    Dirty hits; non-calls; guys not coming over; guys going home; a star is born; a Super Star's resurgence; absent minded behavior (TMMOTI penalties); the Rookie fom Bingo coming to the rescue; this has all the earmarks of an Epic Hockey story!

  7. =8-0

    :-} says to ;-) after a :-8)...(((H))))!

  8. I've said it before Nik, sometimes you are a tough read. Now I need to decipher :-} and stuff?

    Could you provide a dictionary?