Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pittsburgh always get the "Home Call!"

Pittsburgh always get the home call except when they play Tranna. (Look at some of our games.)

Last night, Leafs get three straight man advantages to stand them to a lead until well past the mid-way mark of the third period. This is the usual horse poo but it will be interesting to see how far the ZEBRA will take it tonight...remember the Blue Team is a collection of Colby Armstrong types!

Ottawa, every other team in the League is about even, the SENs have received a differential of 62 minutes more short handed because "Karl" is a diver...Coach Paul was/is a rookie coach from Detroit and Western boys (read REFs) don't like the EAST!

The Tranna guys have an 11 or 22 minute plus...for that bunch of over the hill retreads!

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