Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is no "Depth Move!"

This is no depth move, this is an "End Game!" A MISTAKE!

Bringing in Ben Bishop on a one way contract with "Andy" and his 3 year deal is telling Robin "We'd like to take another look at you in another two or three seasons when we think you will be ready!"

I think Robin will demand a trade or head home to Sweden...our guys are the only people who don't see how good he is...he should have been up here all year...

This is the type of move that makes you wonder about who has control the player or the Manager..."Ya can't stick your number one prospect in the minors for three or four years no matter how young he is!"

We love Murray/Murray/Dorion but I think they are going to blow this one!


  1. Agreed, but I sure hope your wrong and we don't lose him, but as I said... i have a feeling you are right :(

  2. :(

    I think the one way contract caught them (MMD) off guard...Robin knows what it means he just watched Ben get it in the throat in St Louis in the last training camp.


  3. Nik:

    I think this is a wake up call for Robin. This is spend one more year in the A and show us what you can do. Sure you won the Calder and the MVP, but your game has dropped off this year. Bishop is only signed for a year. Time to see what he's like. If things work out, maybe Andy gets moved.

    Like I said before, let's see the kid's character.