Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben to Binghamton!

Sending Ben to Binghamton has nothing to do with Alex Auld. This has every thing to do with high lighting the fact that Bishop is on a two way contract now and kind of shielding the fact that Ben Bishop, with his one way contract, will be our, the SENs, NUMBER 2 goal tender and play back up to "Andy" no matter how good Robin looks in camp.

It's good move to buy some time but...

To all the gentlemen @ Senschirp, Robin Lehner does not see himself as a third string American League goalie or even an Ottawa Senator's back up goalie...he and his agent see him as a starter in the "Show!"


  1. Looks like Bishop's waiver-exempt for next year. If so smart move by Murray. Lehner's oyster needs some grit in it to produce.

  2. Your exactly right Michael!

    Things were getting a little too comfy for Robin. I'm sure he's faced internal competition before. If not, it's about time.
    Sometimes you're the hunter, sometimes you're the hunted!

    It's also been suggested that Bishop or Lehner may be pieces in a bigger acquisition in the off season. Wouldn't put it past BM.


  3. I like goalies with some ego, huge heads, Robin will turn the tables on the situation tonight!

  4. Well Nik:

    You called it. I guess the kid handles the "heat' well.