Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Rock Star!"

Three first string goalies...this competition thing is BS...just try to put this man in Bingo for the next two seasons...we got a problem!

Undefeated in three! ;-{


  1. Nik:

    Why two seasons? Bishop's only signed for a year. Besides which, one of these guys could be trade bait in the off season. One thing for sure, I don't think Alex will get another start.
    BTW Bishop stopped 41 of 42 for Bingo tonite. Maybe competition isn"t BS, it's not such a bad thing.


  2. JL

    This Bishop guy is the problem, he's too darn good...he is not going to lose the back up job playing 10 games next year! The Merit Principle went out the door with the one way contract.

    All this bullsh&t grooming of Lehner, the guy was the MVP of the Calder Cup...do you think Price would have gone back down for another three years.

  3. Nik:

    Who says that if the two "kids" play well, that Andy doesn't get dealt? A very good goalie, who can shoulder a big workload - wonder what that would get you?

    I think Bishop was better and ready to play (versus drafting a goalie in this year's draft). As for Merit Principle, Bishop has player 5 years in the minors, and 3 times more games than Lehner.

    As BM said in his interview: " Now we have competition - performance will dictate who that guy is." Isn't that the Merit Principle?


  4. Impossible to say, but it could be that these great performances by both goalies is because of this new competition.

    And if Lehner beats Bishop in training camp next season, I agree with JL: I'm sure BM could trade Bishop to address a need in Sept.

    Lehner looks amazing now, but his performance this year in the A hasn't given BM much confidence. The whole Bishop thing could be a way to light a fire under Lehner, to help him become the champion we all hope he will be.

  5. Boys:

    I think we are missing the point, Robin is to be taught a lesson...Bryan is cutting off his nose to spite his face. We gave up a 2nd rounder for Ben, he ain't goin' nowhere.

  6. I think BM could get something equivalent to a 2nd rounder for a Bishop trade in September if Lehner beats him out.

    Will be interesting to see if Lehner stays hot in Ottawa down the stretch and into the playoffs...

    And it will be interesting to see what happens in September. Healthy competition can be a good thing. If Lehner has the character of a champ, he'll take it in stride.