Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's call a Pawn a"Bishop!"

Let's call a spade, a spade. Ben Bishop has not been brought in here for one year. This guy is a first string NHL goalie.

Bishop has been brought in on a one way contract to block Robin Lehner for the final two years of his (Robin's) entry level contract from having any chance at games in the "Show!"

There is no Merit Principle involved in "One Way" contracts...unless it's you that has the one way (little joke!)'

Lehner is to be taught a lesson.

I project it is us, the SENs, who will receive the lesson.

Bryan Murray, you are the best, but you are playing with fire!


  1. You have very a consistent and interesting take on this situation. My only (and I repeat - ONLY) concern with Lehner is his consistency. You can say he was bored down in Bingo or unchallenged or whatever and I can buy that. But what if that happens here? It's a long season. Is the next bout of Lehner complacency (and resulting mediocre play) likely to happen here in Ottawa? He definitely rises to the occasion in big games but what about those long mid-season stretches where points matter every bit as much?

    Connsistency. He needs to show it a little more. Bishop has shown more consistency at the AHL level. But in the big show? Yet to be seen. I'm just not convinced this situation is "playing with fire". Lots of NHL greats were in their mid-twenties before tending goal at the NHL level. Wait and see, wait and see. Organizational depth is a wonderful thing, and we're about to see why....

  2. Nik:

    I'm starting to think you are Robin's agent. If he would have performed in Bingo this year, I'm sure he would have the backup spot by now. But he didn't perform. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd tend to agree with our anonymous friend. Robin seems to perform well in the pressure cooker, but does he have the "staying" power?

    As for Bishop, we'll see. He's been in 6 NHL games, with 3 decisions. Not a large sample size. And as for the claim of "the best goalie not playing in the NHL", I remember a certain "Monster" holding that title!

    Bishop, as your title suggests, may be a "pawn" on BM chessboard, in order to get a knight, rook, or "queen".


  3. JL

    I have said my piece, I'll hold my breath for 20 games!