Thursday, March 1, 2012

Robin Lehner is not Jonas Gustavsson!

Robin Lehner is not Jonas Gustavsson, he is Cary Price!

Do you think Price would have consented to be sent down to the "A" for another two years seasoning...after he won the Calder/MVP!

Wake up! This was the classic, old boy, group think mistake. Robin Lehner should have been the back up goalie for "Andy" this year and he told you so! (And so did I)

To be sent back down to a totally different, younger group of the "Raggedy ass canal boys" in Bingo and expected to cary that team was insanity!

If I hear another SENs hockey "EXPERT" try to tell me that bringing in Ben Bishop on a one way contract was a good move for fair competition...for the Merit Principle..I shall personally ruin his hockey status in this community.

And what is really annoying is that this bunch of group think, Company Men continue to say that this so called "Depth Move" is good for Robin Lehner's compete level. (Trying to beat out a one way contract) YOU will see his compete level when he is in the other net playing for Chicago. YA can't bury the good kids anymore they will not put up with ya and they don't have to!

I called the shot in Boston and I'm telling you again...start to back peddle right now!


  1. Please don't compare him to Price.
    I just saw Price give up 2 goals in 1 minute.