Saturday, March 24, 2012

We need a "Miracle!"

Unfortunately he's sitting in Bingo!

"Andy" will play his heart out to give us a chance tonight but our horses are trotting and theirs are running full out. Note: It's Big Ben, the lamb to the slaughter...stay up, boy and look good, keep your head up!

"Karl" cannot skate away from the "double team", I have no solution for you...dump it and save your skin..."Ya can't play in this league for 30 minutes a game @ 165 lbs!"

Our "elders" are out of gas.


  1. Nik:

    I don't think even St. Robin of Palookaville would be able to stop the Pens.

    The league is onto "the Pup". Note our scoring has dried up since.

    And agreed. They are out of gas. This "200 foot game" has got them to where they are. But the vets are tired, and the Bingo Boys are tired from last year.

    Andy's rust showed last night. Not sure it was the best to start him against Montreal. Though are defence looked like last year's in the first period last night.


  2. JL

    Once we looked past the Calder winning Bingo boys to pick up Big Ben it was as if Bryan introduced a doubt in the Swedish Connection, in the rising Bingo guys, who had brought us so far...

    Or maybe we're just a year early?

  3. Nik:

    I guess we got our miracle. Who would have thought!

    The rust seems to be off of Andy, and the team decided to play in front of him.

    We'll see how badly Big Ben tied himself into a knot. St. Robin of Palookaville may be on his way to reestablish the "Swedish Karma".


  4. Just when you think hockey is predictable... 8 goals on Pittsburgh!
    Playoff hopes are still very much alive, but it's still too close to call.