Monday, March 12, 2012


The reinstatement of the Red Line is a non starter.

The relaxation of supplementary discipline for head hits is NOT!

In the eighties if you won something in sports you were much too self depreciating (modest) to say much. After winning a very humble team type golf tournament I re-introduced the term "We deserved to WIN!" it caught on and I have deeply regretted it ever since.

In January and February the Leafs set a league high for games played without allowing a Power Play goal...what they forgot to tell you was that none of the GTA refs call penalties on Tranna! Note: It wasn't highly publicised because 75% of the Refs come from the Tranna Area.

I would bench Robin Lehner in Bingo before he has confidence issues.

We should give Gonch some rest and play big #39 some games in case we play Boston in the first or second round.

Ya might as well bring "Andy" back early because like I was tellin' ya, that cut is going to be re-opened and re-stitched every game until next September. It's not as bad as it sounds your body pretends that there is no feeling there and the nerves string along with the story.

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