Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Ben "is" Jonas Gustavsson!

Big Ben is Jonas Gustavsson, quick to go down, slow to get up, blocks a lot of net, is pretty good but he's awkward...Robin Lehner is Cary Price, both MVPs of the Calder Cup! Get Lehner out of Palookaville before it's too late!

Zack Smith, 10 minutes, no PK, 2 shifts in the 3rd period, one good shift with Alfie and the "Black Smith". I hope our coaches are not brow beating Zack unfairly because I think he's still suffering from Post Concussion Symptoms (Syndrome) and the accompanying depression. I'd give him a couple weeks on the IR.

#14 and #36 are both good, tough, hockey players givin' it 100%, imagine if we had some "touch" there?

Note: We are the fastest team in the league and yet draw (take) the most minor penalties...this does not compute!

I want Alex Auld's job...have been in his position and it stinks...just collect the pay check and smile!

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