Friday, March 16, 2012


The SENs web site is sure to post Robin Lehner's record this year in Bingo...

How would you have liked to play 32 games behind those bums...Robin is 3-2 in the Show.

How would you like to be facing another 40 games next year behind those bums again with no hope of any games in the NHL.

If I was some Palooka from the Eastern League I'd be fired up but if I was supposed to be the 21 year old "Franchise Goalie" I'd read the "group think", look at Big Ben's 5@Finishing School and ask my agent to move me on!

Note: the MVP of an American League All Star Game is one thing...the MVP of the Calder Cup Championship Team, now that's something to crow about!

Some have said look at Ryan Miller...Ryan is a .500 goalie in the playoffs, never got to the big dance and lost the Gold Medal...I got Saint Patrick or "Marty" just ready to go!

The Wilsons and AJ get a goal tending lesson from Ken all the SENs Company men, start to listen...


  1. Dude, you need to let this one go.... just for a little while at least..........

  2. Anonymous:

    Agreed. It's starting to get a little stale.


  3. Yeah you have get back to complain about the bingo boys not playing together.

  4. Nik:

    So what's happened to the "Merit Principle"? (see 2011 post).

    Yes he was the Calder MVP. But look at the team he had in front of him. Butler, Condra, Cowen, Daugavins, Greening, and Smith (all NHL caliber since they are on the big team). Benoit, Hale, Keller, Kinrade, Potulny, D. Smith moved on. I guess these guys didn't have a role to play in him winning the MVP. It's a TEAM game.

    BM didn't anticipate to be where we are now at the beginning of the season. No one did. That's why he signed Auld to ONE year. Give the kid one more year to season in the A, isolate him from a potential disaster in the Bigs. No need to WRECK him, playing behind a team everyone predicted would be FIFTEENTH in the east.

    Be our guy in the A: Auld will be gone, and you'll come up. What did he do? He stunk. McKenna has better numbers than he does, and he plays behind the same group of "bums" in Palookaville. Based on the Merit Principle, shouldn't he come up?

    Give it a rest.