Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brain fatigue!

Bad ice!!

Brain dead, I'd go and find a couple more fresh brains...Winchester maybe...

The "Black Smith" was terrific...

Lehner looked just average...

"Karl" not only wore the goat horns but he gave away the "Norris" tonight.

Jimmy is very good.

Jason is physically worse off than Alfie...

Z-28 is a gamer but his speed and reactions are too slow!

Condra has played a lot of hockey, he's all in.

Coach Paul, your squad may be out of puff!


  1. Nik:

    I think the "Bingo Boys" are starting to feel their Calder Cup run everywhere!

    It may be a good thing the team is going through a lull. It gives them time to get ready for the Playoffs.

    #36 had a good game - I guess making the most of his opportunity.


  2. Meanwhile Brian Lee keeps on racking up wins.

  3. The secondary scoring needs to come back soon. Right now if Alfie, Spezza, Mich, Karl, and whichever goalie don't have dominant performances, they can't win.

  4. DEFENCE...means to regain possession of the puck, not dig it out of your net after a goal or clear a rebound, it doesn't mean "Box out...Box out"; let's see someone take the puck off the other guy when he's in scoring position. Let's see our third pair brake up some of these "Home Run Break Away" passes!

    ;-{ see ya Robin!