Thursday, March 15, 2012


Orpick is a dork and is going to get his comeuppance...

Kris Letang, the PENs announcer is going on about how he is the fastest, the best recover in the league,  (All our descriptives we have used to describe "Karl" first) is tracked down and then trapped in his own zone by the two slowest Rangers on the team...

Sid could be trouble for the Pens PP (Too many quarterbacks) but with two bums on the third line, "look out!"...

"Geno" is the best in the League right now...

I think Fleury can still be had...

Mario/Sid still gets a little of the Tranna treatment, in a one goal hockey game, #10, Gaborik, on a clear break away in his home rink gets hauled down no call...

I think in a fair fight we can still take these guys!


  1. Nik:

    As it stands now, the Pens are likely to be a 2nd or 3rd round opponent. It looks like we are stuck with the Bruins, unless the Panthers can pass us and the Bruins (and therefore the Northeast winner would be 3rd overall). Still too early to tell.

    The Pens go as Fleury goes. If he's hot, they'll be hard to beat. If he's not, then anything goes.

    I'm guessing Sid isn't out of the woods yet. One more "knock", and he might be out again. You know some goon will be out for him.

    I think alot of GM's are kicking themselves about "the Pup". Murray traded up to get him at spot 15. He saw his potential, when others didn't. Ottawa, being a "small market team", often doesn't get a fair shake in the press. Despite Erik's scoring dominance amongst dmen, he's not likely to win the Norris for that reason. Same goes for the "Stash" for the Adams (unless they get to the Cup Final). It stinks, but that's the way it is.


  2. JL

    They should judge the "Norris" by how much attention you get on the ice from the other team.