Friday, March 9, 2012

Wins, Coaches, Dinosaurs, etc!

Nice win from the secondaries, Cowen, Zack, Nickie and the "Black Smith!"

Coach Paul gave Torts a lesson last night, "Don't under estimate my BINGO Line!"

Doug MacLean, dinosaur, retired old boy hockey guy, says we can keep Lehner down there for two more years on his entry level deal "To Learn!" While on Monday he, at his age, is being sent back to TV School to learn how to act!  They should issue him with a list of our players and prospects and how their names are pronounced!

"Big Ben" is real good and real big. But what comes with that is a big 5 hole and a big gap between his legs when he is down on all fours (that's why the old fashioned goalies usta spral flat out) however those big goal pads sure help. He's a keeper!

Sixth Place would be's always nice to finish 6th. I called 7th what was I thinking?


  1. Nik:

    One only needs to see the state of the Blue Jackets to know how competent Maclean was.

    Jury is still out on the "Pope".

    6th (the Southeast winner) or 8th (the Rags). Not 7th (the Big Bad Bruins).

    Do you think ZSmith is finally over his "concussion"?


  2. JL

    What they don't tell ya is concussion symptoms come in and out for at least 18 months as Sid can attest to but I sure hope Zack is back, he's a game changer in the playoffs for us.

  3. Word is Philly might make an offer for Anderson during the off-season and bury Brz in the minors.

  4. Michael:

    We got 3 big league goalies, lots of teams have none, supply and DEMAND says we shall move one.

    I still think Robin has a Stanley Cup in him, our other two goalies are good but they are just too happy to be here!