Monday, March 26, 2012

"It's us or them!"

It's us or them! So show 'em no quarter. Take the crowd out early...

I'd bring Alex but ya know they like Ben, injured or not...

The difference makers shall be Foligno and the Bingo Line...

"Steady as she goes, Karl!"

Winnipeg does not qualify as a "Time Zoner!"

"Big Buff" should be given due attention a la "Karl"...

I don't think they can play four lines with us so Paul keep 'em rollin' over...

"Andy" will get it done tonight, "in Ander$on, we trust!"


  1. Finally you're back blogging & not whining about the goalie situation. Welcome back!

  2. Paul G

    Whine, Bob Mackenzie and the other Tranna guy don't think "Andy" is any good...I don't think the SENs monitor is ever on @ TSN.

    Mackenzie doesn't like Quebec's chances...the poor orphans, the Tranna Guys, have drank the cool aid and fallin over the edge into Bettman,s back pocket...they think it's Toronto, Ontario, US of A! ;)