Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ben Bishop!

Ben Bishop is very good but after 5 years @ finishing school he is still a little too rough around the edges for me. The whole league has identified the 5 hole.

Big goalies stop a lot of shots that are high or wide or both and this includes #40.

Robin Lehner is a shoot out/break away specialist.

"Karl" got us a could have been worse.

I bet Mat Gilroy is a right hander, a lot of American kids play ball and golf from the right side and when they went to hockey did not switch over to shoot left.

We need some new shooters for the shoot out everybody knows our moves.

We have a well deserved reputation as the worst shooting team in the league. High and wide...should be a fine!

Coach Paul, ya got all balled up on the lines tonight, don't start to out think yourself.


  1. Hey Nik. Not sure what you're getting at with Mat Gilroy. Just curious. I golf/swing a bat right but in hockey I shoot left. My wrist shot is fine, but for some reason my slap shot has always been lousy. Is this related? Or do I just need some coaching?

  2. Oman:

    If we were young again I'd have you hit some golf balls (Fairway wood shots) from the left side. I am just guessing but your slap shot stroke is probably a little short, work on getting that natural right hand lag or late hit from the left side...ya gotta work on it.