Friday, March 16, 2012

AJ, the Company Man.

Like Simpson, AJ, the Company Man says:"We, the SENs, have four goalies!' (Along with a whole lot of other sh&t like: "It's good for the kid!" or "The kid has got to wait!" etc...etc...etc...referring to the FRANCHISE goalie!)

One, is gone and long forgotten (#35); one, (the Franchise #40) is buried in the minors for another two years with out another NHL game for the duration; one, the back up (#30) can't beat a last place team or win a shoot out and one, the starter (#41), who is pretty injured and is being rushed back early!

Note: Coach Paul is the only one who seems to notice the facts of the situation.

Note 2: Versage should be released (gased) for betting on the wrong team during an Ottawa radio broadcast....two days in a row!


  1. Nik:

    Patience my friend. I keep telling you, this is a short-term situation. It will be clear at the draft - if the Sens draft a goalie, say third or fourth round (they don't have a second round pick), then someone is bound to be packaged, if not next year, the year after that.

    Bishop, if he plays well next year, as a back-up, could be a great commodity in a year. And it gives Lehner one more year to become that Franchise goalie. Sorry Nik, I disagree with you - he's close, but he's not there yet. More work to be done with Wamsley - he's big, athletic, but he needs to work on rebounds and positioning.

    If the kid can't be patient, then maybe he doesn't have the right temperament. If he takes his bat and ball and bolts to Sverge, like you seem to fear, then he's not a pro we want - have had enough of whiny ass babies (Heatley, Yashin, etc). Bide your time, and learn your trade. That's what Bishop has done, and he's 25.

    Think race horse: need speed, heart, AND smarts!


  2. Nik:

    BTW, I'm not a company man.


  3. JL

    In fairness to the outsiders and the Company men, the Franchise is so ready and ahead of schedule that the Brain Trust can't see it. If Robin had been given these 10 or so games as promised Big Ben would already be on his way to Chicago for next year.