Saturday, March 10, 2012

The old "Euro" slew foot!

That's the old Euro slew foot, ya don't sweep 'im ya just cause Gonch to lose his edge. Ya can't put a man down like that with out committing a foul. Buffalo are going to make the playoffs now...a two point swing for them...

Miller was the difference, we got the puck behind him about three times and didn't score any of those times. He has Jason's number, has him psyched right out.

Big Ben is too big. He's good but he relies on his size too much. He looked awkward in the shoot out even on the one he stopped. (Robin is a break away/shoot out specialist??!)

Like I was tellin' ya and Kevin Weekes, the goalie, reiterated tonight, Bishop's approach to defending that puck in the corner is the old fashioned way leaving too much for the guy to shoot at when he really should have no shot at all. You have to look at the guy and square up to him a little bit more. Put your pad on the post and stay up!

Note: It must be a real good time being the goalie in Bingo, ya lose 6-1 tonight, you win about 3 games a month, (that's if ya get a couple shut outs) you are in last place (even though you are the current League Champion) they 've scored 200+ goals on ya already. AND the Brain Trust is telling you, you are stinkin' the joint out!

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