Friday, March 30, 2012

"What gives?" "Where's Lehner!"

Have we, the SENs, lost our minds...where is Robin Lehner?

Robin got shelled and pulled against Adirondack...

Lehner is backing up @ home to Hershey and comes on in relief in another loss...backing up down there...on a last place, brutal team...

This garbage (this utilization) is not good for one of your cast-offs let alone the young FRANCHISE GOALIE!

Note: Robin is learning how to lose..."To die gallantly on the battlefield @ a secondary front!"

Robin Lehner, GAA 2.01, 3W, 2L, SV% 935, with a big shut out in Boston for good measure. Those are big league "Showtime" numbers!

I think (I know) Lehner is still better than Ben and/or Alex...

Get him up here before we become the laughing stock of the league...

Note: For the Swedish Karma and the Bingo group togetherness, if nothing else.

Note 2: This two call up thing is bullsh&t!

Note 3: Robin could take a Taxi up Sunday morning to Long Island...


  1. Nik:

    I do agree with you, simply because playing Auld from now on would be a mistake. And despite the two call up rule, there are enough healthy scratches lying around to fill in in case of injury to a forward, or defenceman.

    And unless Andy decides to cook for himself again, your boy Robin will be taking shots in warm up, and riding the pine.

    Please get over this Swedish karma thing. Every second post - starting to sound like a broken record.


  2. JL

    The Company men cannot even talk about stinks...we need all the Calder Cuppers together...we need Robin talking to Alfie, it's like the Vikings talking to their Warior King before the big battle...even Jason giving advice and instruction to Karl helps Jason's game!

  3. Nik:

    Andy's the man!


  4. "Robin is learning how to lose..."To die gallantly on the battlefield @ a secondary front!" <-- It's like poetry.

    While I tend to agree, when Andy's healthy, he doesn't really need a backup. Doesn't get a lot of shutouts with this team, but the man is a gamer. Big saves at the right moments.

    A goalie like Elliot can post shut outs with a system like they play in St. Louis, but he gets killed with an activated defence like we have now in Ottawa.

    It's fun to watch when they don't run into an effective trap team like the Rangers, or a dirty "company men" team like the Bruins. Will be hard to get past either in the playoffs.

  5. Nik:

    "Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." Horace


    I would like our chances against the Rangers. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll face them in the first round. Our guys seem to have a tough time getting their minds around Tim Thomas. If only we could draw Marty Turco ...

    Also, Pascal Leclaire (what was it 8 shutouts?) looked like a stellar goalie playing under Hitchcock. Like you have stated, we don't play anywhere near that brand of hockey.


  6. Good point on Leclaire JL! Hitchcock can be an effect coach, but thank God we don't play that way. Incredibly boring. I have really appreciated the approach the Paulrus has brought this year. The best defense is definitely a good offence!