Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 - 4A!


Kyle Turris may never be a number one center iceman but he is as Greg Zaun would say a 2nd line 4A. That's with AAAA's...Nice clutch performance Kyle!

"Andy" is the reason we're in. Thank you! It's going to be you and Thomas for all the marbles, first round.

We ain't no powerhouse yet but we got some depth, some skill and a lot of try.

I'd give Alfie the week off...but Jason has to come back and play.


  1. Nik:

    Would appear that KT can show up in a big game. He showed up in the playoffs last year in the Desert.

    Winnie had a good game back from Bell Rung Syndrome. Big minutes, good on faceoffs. Played on PK.

    Wonder if the old guys get rested. Play the Black Aces.

    Wouldn't mind going 0-3 in the last 3 games, and this is why - we might sink to eighth and play the Rags instead. We match up better. I know it's not good going into the playoffs on a losing streak, but this one would be "artificial". We won't have home ice anyway.


  2. JL

    Winchester looked good on the ice but poor on the bench, I hope he's just out of puff!

    It's the Bruins and they don't like it...they know they got a series on their hands!