Friday, April 6, 2012

Ben Bishop Journeyman Goalie!

Big Ben Bishop is very big and this is good!

Big Goalies come with long arms and long legs which makes for a bad trapper and a huge 5 hole...

3-3-2 is 37% not .500 in NHL regular season play.

Robin has 20 games more of playoff "Experience" than Ben and is a Champion, a winner...

Ben Bishop is a "one hand on the stick goalie"...???

I wonder what the "room" really feels about this "Parachute Job!"

"Karl" certainly can't like it too much or the guys Robin won the Calder with!

This move still stinks!

So if ya want me to shut up then tell the "Company Men" to stop trying to sell Ben (He is a pig in a poke!) to me!


  1. He consistently gives up at least one bad goal a game, a game... that's not good at all!

    I'm with you we need Lehner up in case Andy gets hurt again or struggles.

    I just hope this whole Big Ben thing doesn't ruin our chances of having a star goalie for years to come, Lehner def can't be liking this!


  2. Nik:

    I'm sure once Bingo's season is done on the 14th, your boy (client) Robin will be up with the big team. At that point, however, if he's in the line-up, he'll be riding the pine. Andy's the man, come hell or high water.

    I'm sure the Bingo Boys (regardless of where your boy Robin is) are happy competing for the Cup that counts (Stanley, not Calder).