Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey Lloydie!

Hey Lloydie, Big Ben has played exactly like a 5 year American League Journeyman goalie with a Master's Degree is /was expected to play. Just like I told ya, "Andy" is not going to be ready for awhile yet and in the mean time Bishop will take us right out the playoffs.

"Knukleball" slapshots do not come at you at 100mph, just like in baseball they come up to you @ 75mph, a slow ball. It's like a "Change up" but it accentuates your position at the moment of arrival!

Big Ben says that the shot was coming right at his head and that the puck dropped about a foot.
So if he's standing up, the puck should go a foot and half over the net. At the end Ben is reaching up with both his blocker and his trapper thus he is not only down too early but he is on his way down even further...give the guy a break "Karl" saves his beacon when he does his once a night stumble behind the net.

I think this acquisition and the way it's effected Lehner has broken the "Swedish Karma" and thus the SENs playoff karma.


  1. One... that's how many goals he allowed v. NJ. Your relentless cutting down of this guy has been excessive and baseless, Nik. Get over it. Lehner can't score goals either.

    But this isn't the first funk this team has endured this season -- they aren't as bad as they look when they're losing. Bishop is 1.79, .931 in his last 6 GPI. They'll get it back, MacLean will make certain of it.


  2. @ dvb:

    Amen. The power goes out on the offence, and somehow this is Bishop's fault. He's come in, and shored up the net. His numbers so far are better than Andy's, although this is still a small sample size.

    This 200 foot game of the Stashes has got em tired. The Bingo Boys are feeling their Calder run from last year. They'll get their second wind. Better the funk now, than when it counts.


    I guess Bishop's going to have to start to post "0's" for you to give him any "love". I'm sure if BM thought he wasn't up to snuff, he'd be in Palookaville (he's on a two-way this year), and your "dear Robin" would have been called up. The Merit Principle, right?

    If the Sens want karma, maybe they can resurrect the "green buddha" (let's see if you remember that one).

    Let's remember this is a team no one thought would be within a "sniff" of the playoffs.


  3. DVB, The only thing I will say that would be pro Nik, is the fact that every game he has played so far, Bishop has let in at least 1 Bad or Weak type goal, Lehner let in 1-2 bad goals in his 5-6 games played.

    He is a big goalie who plays small, Nik is right the NJ goal should have never went in, it should have went into OT with us getting at least 1 point.

    But now to defend you a bit, I do agree with your goalies can't score goals, and unless the boys start putting some pucks in, 9th place is where we'll be