Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're in trouble!

The REFs don't like us again. I guess we talk too much.

What's happened to the interference call?

Our hockey sticks are "Horsesh&t!" Fire those SOBs!

Chris Neil did not complete one pass all night...I'm talkin' ten feet.

Turris can't score, his big shot is a myth.

Kuba never gets the puck out of his own end clean anymore, half the time he turns it over.

Z-28 is a bad penalty every night.

Big Ben is not a lucky goalie and if you are going to survive in the show ya gotta get lucky once in a while. Knukleball goal but he's down early reaching back up for it...any catcher will tell you, ya gotta stay up, make yourself big and take it on the chest.

I think the handling of Lehner has broken the Swedish Karma that was propelling the team to the playoffs.

I guess we have to bring "Andy" back too early for any number of reasons.


  1. Why was Gilroy at the point during the 5 on 3 ?

  2. Yup. I have a feeling BM should have got something for Kuba and Gonchar at the deadline... I don't want to jinx anything, but we aren't quite there yet. We need Z-Bad and Silverberg up front, and another blue chip defensive prospect would be good.

    Love the heart and the big potential some of the young guys have shown this year, and the character shown by the vets, but I just can't see the Sens making it past the first round. Though any playoff hockey this year, in my opinion, is a bonus!

  3. Oman:

    The confidence level is way down...I'd still like to see us make the playoffs but...