Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Let George do it!"

In the old days there was this expression: "Let George do it!" What it meant was I can do it, I can get this job done but I just can't be bothered.

- picked this team to WIN the East...now I know I'm old and have slipped a little bit but this is ridiculous...ridiculous I tell ya...

- so many guys are leaning over their oars that ya can't tell who is actually rowing...Bruce's xmas report card could get him banished from the dressing room...

- aging is contagious...my mother always told me hang around with young guys it will keep you young...however the converse is also true, ya get enough old fogies hanging around and all they want to do is retire...

- from here on in this will be like watching the expansion SENs...strictly for the aesthetics of the game...I'm P^&&$# Off @ them! "Shoot the f*&%en' dog!"

- "Don't sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

PS: "Rocco's situation is chronic"...not cronic like it feels to me!


  1. Whether chronic or cronic, the man needs some tonic! (Sorry, only going on a couple hours sleep after a night in emerge. Fun fun.)

    But you could be on to something with your spelling Nik: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cronic.

  2. 'Rocco' needs a 'sniper' winger that can put the puck in the net.

    He has worked hard on his game. Has 'cut down' his turnovers -- although they do exist.. not as often as in the past.

    His skating has greatly improved -- he is much faster.

    But until this management gets a really good top 3 player that can put the puck in the net.. Rocco will not put up the points he has in the past.

  3. @Sandy:

    Agreed about the "sniper". 'Rocco' is a playmaker - he likes feeding the puck. He also can't shoot because no one he is playing with is a big enough threat to create 'space' for him. He is therefore neutralized.

    All the great first lines in history have had the following elements: at least one guy who can win the battles in the corner and come out with the puck; at least one guy who can pass the puck effectively, and a 'sniper' (finisher). Right now, 'Rocco' has neither to play with. He can't do it alone, he never has.


    Watching some of the young teams in the west (LA, Col, Edm); it's obvious to me what needs to be done (we've beaten this horse a few times). Maybe in the end only one of those teams will win a Cup, but at least meanwhile the hockey is entertaining!

    Merry Christmas to all!


  4. Oman, Sandy and JL:

    I just hope as the situation becomes clear that they give the kids more ice, bring up the youth and rest the old guys, with the exception of Alfie, for life!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. I'm all for Butler & Greening coming up.. Both can put the puck in the net.. and Greening is a big body who will go to the 'dirty' areas. But that would hurt Bingo right now in their fight for a playoff spot.
    These guys won't make a difference in the drive for a playoff run... they would give the GM an idea if they would by able to play in the NHL next season.

    If this team is going to miss the playoffs.. miss it big... top 5 pick of a big young Cdn forward.. would do a world of good for the Sens.
    Don't sign the expiring contracts.. draft well and alot

  6. Old, slow, untalented, uninspired, overpaid. Many NTCs. Not exactly a recipe for success. Watching this team, it's hard to fathom we have cap issues.

    Don't re-sign expiring contracts. Draft early. Draft often. And draft fast and skilled forwards. From any nation.


  7. Don't re-sign the expiring contracts, hoard picks, pick early, pick often.

    And Happy Holidays to Nik and the gang!

    Maybe SAINT Nick will bring BM a deal this year that includes a festive collection of picks for a few last chance veterans on expiring contracts...