Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some thoughts for practice tomorow!

Relax, the ZEBRA are going to give you at least a level playing field...we can still take these guys in a fair fight!

Coach Clouston, ya play the French Canadian Goaler from Montreal "Card" and ya get Wamsley to tell him to stay up on the shooter cause they (everybody) are shooting him high glove all the time.

Phillips looks a foot taller and a half a foot wider...and Sarge says "Da, that's good!"

Philippé, the 17th, is a plus 3, draws an assist, plays 26 minutes, takes a shot on the wrist that an ordinary defenceman shakes off and comes back out and starts playing like the "one arm man!"

You are going into Montreal, you must go strong down the middle, you play your four best centers at center. They are, in no particular order, Kelly, Fish, Rocco and Petr. This is because it takes four lines skating to stay with the Habs @ home!

Winni sits for offencive zone sins! Don't make it the end of the world tell him he draws back in the next game!


#71; #19;'s time for Rocco and Foligno also, to get Butts some shooting!

#9; #12; #11...Alfie is ready for Fish again, he will out skate the kids @ Centre Bell!

#26; 1x; # 27...Alexei will single handedly pull Petr out of this slump!

#73; #22; #25...meanwhile Kelly and his guys play high/low with Price!

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