Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephane "Get in the way" Auger!

- For a guy who has been Refing since he was sixteen, he does not know where to stand or how to move to elude the puck and it's carrier...

- Auger refs like a guy that's never played and he has a bias against Ottawa... he certainly wasn't going to call back that goal and award the Wild with a TMMOTI Penalty...

- Pascal's got to be better with defending the front of his net with his stick...ya gotta have enough confidence to take a shot from the corner behind the goal line with your pad and come out a little bit and defend the cross crease pass with your goal stick...ya don't have to be Johnny Bower or Rick Wamsley to know this stuff...I was taught that when I was 11 years old!

- Alfie, with his old man and his old skates (My advice), just like old times gettin' us started!

- Nick Foligno, our best road warrior, as advertised!

- "Don't re-sign any expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!


  1. Nik:

    You called Foligno - let's hope that he's a late season bloomer and keeps it going.

    "Dads" having a positive influence so far.

    The "Pup" has a great game - looks like he will avoid the sophomore jinx.

    "Pasglass" should take a page out of two of the best in the business: Billy "I'll carve your eye out" Smith, and Ron "Hack"stall.

    Thanks for adding to the motto....


  2. They should put the Dads on payroll. Best money they'd ever spend!

    Don't sign the expiring contracts. Trade them for picks. Hoard your picks. Pick often. Pick Well.

    In a rebuild, hope is better than winning. Entertainment is more important than achievement.

    The wins will start to pile up again soon, if we follow these simple commandments.

    Go Sens.

  3. BM probably would sign the Dads if he could. With NTC's to boot.

    I agree entertainment is more important than winning until the team is ready to be a serious contender.

    Pick early and often. And don't trade anymore f*$%ing draft picks!! It's enough already! It's US that are supposed to be the ones unloading the old (er...that is "experienced") farts.

    Great game by Karlsson. I have to give BM credit for that one... looks like he hit a home run there.


  4. Gentlemen:

    Going to track and compile our "SENs" commandments for our mgmt team as they approach the Trade Deadline...maybe issue one "EDICT" per game...

    "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!

  5. Stephane Auger, Bill McCreary, Stephen Walthom -- just 3 who have a big bias against Ottawa -- especially McCreary.

    As someone mentioned on another site.. the Sens next 10 games or so... will help decide where this team is -- playoffs or out.

    They have 5 out of possible 6 pts over last 3 games... but only gained 2 pts in the standings to the playoff teams, and lost one spot. So it's going to be very difficult to climb out of the hole.

  6. Sandy:

    Failing a 10 gamer, this nice old team is done...but they are fun to watch especially when they are winning...

    "Don't re-sign expiring contracts...pick well, pick often!