Friday, December 17, 2010

"Ya gotta win those to make the playoffs!"

My kitten erased the rant!


  1. We won that game with Leclaire in nets, instead of the plywood cutout in the shape of a goalie named Elliot. Els has lost his confidence, and it really showed on a couple of those "goals" tonight.

    No way should WE, of all teams, score 5 and lose a game... simple as that.

    On the bright side (if there really is one) our offence seems to be clicking finally.

    Rob R.

  2. Rob R:

    Pascal was on the bench knowing he couldn't play...he is done worse than Elliott!

  3. Nik,

    Glasscale is injured. If we can somehow inject his bones with titanium or make him some body armour, then at least he's still got the confidence to win games. That game should have been 5-2 Sens.

    Rob R.

  4. Damn Elliott - stop a puck..

    Sens need a GOALIE. When is Brodeur ready?

  5. Don't resign the expiring contracts!

  6. Boys:

    The perfect storm...Kuba was/is the straw that broke the backs of the old men!

    "Don't re-sign expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!

  7. You have a kitten?

    I believe that even management knows not to resign Kuba, especially Kuba. The others come down to money, term and continued(?) improvement(?).

  8. Nik:

    The next 5 games - 3 against teams in the top 10 of the league, 2 against teams with similar records: this stretch will determine where we stand, and where we will end up.

    We have two goalies, one with a broken body ("Pasglass"), the other with a broken ego (no confidence) ("Els"): no one really to bring up without leaving the farm team in the lurch (they basically only have Brust now, and they are playing the crap out of him). "Real Estate" off to juniors, and "Our Brodeur" still hearing bells in his head - on a rehab stint in the "E" (I think). Man are we ever screwed!

    This game reminded me of a playoff series with Buffalo, where we lost the first game 7-6, and then proceded to fold like a cheap tent. When you put up lots of goals, and still lose, it's hard on the old psyche!

    Time to mobilize the scouts - realistically, we will be big "Sellers" come trade deadline. It's time for the "Eug" to get his head out of his
    "posterior" - if you're worried about losing money, go young, and cut the payroll.

    I don't have a kitten, so I can rant!


  9. Elliott is also injured - shoulder.. but they are playing him -- they have no choice.

    With Brodeur in Elmira for conditioning-- hopefully that won't take too long -- he is needed in Ottawa.

    Another note -- Sens future power forward -- (Colin Greening) took on the tough guy in the AHL last night - Jon Mirasty at the end of the game. Held his own.
    So he can fight, skate & score and is a big body... good Cdn kid from Newfie... He needs a chance as well.

  10. @Sandy:

    You are right - Els is injured too! Wow!

    As for future forwards, there are a few hopefuls. The swedish "S" squad (Sorenson and Silverburg), Greening, Condra, and O'Brien in Bingo, and Mark Stone having a breakout year in the "W". How long or if they pan out is the big question, but there is hope!


    Maybe the posters can make suggestions about the "Sens Commandments". What do you think?


  11. JL

    Yes hope indeed.. which is a lot more than Sens had a few years ago. There could be many more that 'pan' out.. Butler for sure. Zack Smith..
    So in about 2 - 3 years (hopefully no strike in there) the Sens will have a good young team... (fingers crossed)

  12. JL:

    Thou shalt not play with too many broken old men!

  13. Sandy:

    Thou shalt not play with out a good goal tender!

  14. slavitch:

    Ya can play hurt but cronically injured, you are no good to anybody and that goes for Goalies and D-men!

    Don't re-sign expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!

  15. Everyone:

    Thou shall selleth if thou haveth no chance to drink from thy Stanley Cup!


  16. By the way...

    Mike Brodeur got a shut-out in Elmira last night.

    Greening had 2 goals in Bingo loss.

    Can you say HELLO MIKE.

    Don't sign the expiring contracts. Draft well & often.

  17. Yes you can say HELLO MIKE. Brodeur has been recalled but to back Elliott tonight.

    Elliott has been playing crappy and he's injured as well. Against the fire power of Wash that's a disaster in the making.

    Going to the game...

  18. Sandy:

    I think if Brian Elliott had been scheduled to start in Colorado they would have shot him up...Elliott will be his old self tonight he just will not be able to feel his sore shoulder!