Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good ol' Lucky Leclair!!

Marian Gaborik is the "best" second rebound man in the league! He goes to the net and he stands there like a "Vulture!" Pascal's only hope is the snow bank or kick it past him!

I think Coach Clouston benched the wrong should have been Winni but put Butts with Rocco and 9MM...Alfie, Fish and Shannon...Alexie and the kids (1x/71)...Kelly's old line, our best line, #73; #22; #25...

Just when we were ready to break out...our goalie will find a way to lose another heart breaker...I can't watch...I'll be in the basement trying to teach, telepathically, Chris Neil to hit the net, the top left corner even, with a broken hand...ya shoot the bottom of the goal tender's crest and let it sail high and wide into the top corner! It's a golf shot...a little control fade!

I don't mind telling you I don't like the look of this one!


  1. Tough call on who to sit. Buttler had to go top six or what is the point. Would Regin be any better than Winni on the fourth? I dunno . . .

  2. PvR:

    Coach Clouston has to go all the way...Fish and Alfie; Regin and Alexei; Kelly's line playing forth and murdering their guy's forth line; Rocco being forced to cary 9MM and Butts...let's see him earn his money and produce!