Monday, December 27, 2010

No penalty; no review...

No penalty, no review, no talk of shit!

It was one thing to give Pittsburgh the extra PP just like Tranna always gets but this is just more HOUSE LEAGUE baloney that Gary and the (Non-) Brain Trust think are going to make Pittsburgh, Sid and the League look better to the National TV guys. It just will not work boys because there is no national TV audience for HOCKEY in the ol' US of A.

It was nice to see Crosby get two minors and squeak like someone stepped on his thumb...the guy is still a Prima Donna!

Fluery is about to wilt...

Letang is feeling the pressure...that was just a super "Little boy" frustration shove at the boards on Rocco...

Carks just ended one of their "thugs" career...

And the other guy is not as tough as advertised...I was hoping Nicky was going to go him in a fair fight!

Malkin is a highly skilled cheap shot and someone (Great 8) is going to straighten him up with a clean body check...

So we shall see if we got the horses to go it without Rocco...maybe for a couple of games but after that ???


  1. Yes all the Spezza haters are going to see what 'life' would be like without a true #1 centre.

    Question, can we call up Cowen for the next game against Pitts? (just joking) It would be nice to see him flatten Malkin/Crosby/Letang/Cooke... could go on and on.

    Next season it will happen. Just think of the young studs on D
    Karlsson, Cowen, Rundblad...

    I'm hoping Kelly can step up into Spezza's place. He has done it before and did a good job.

    Question is - who do they call up? I'm all for Greening.. 6ft3 - about 210 -- big body. Can score, skate & fight... all you want in a player.

    But call that player up now.. don't wait until the last minute. They need practice time.

  2. I'm sure we've seen suspensions for the same type of hit already this season haven't we?

    Off balance + going into the boards fast + that little extra shove at the wrong time = heavy collision with boards at a horrible angle + serious tramma to upper body.

    Who was it that said this was one of the most dangerous plays in hockey earlier in the season?

    Lucky it wasn't his head I guess. I doubt Letang would have got a suspension for that either. Time for Murray to start building his video evidence case again...

    It's time for Gary and his henchmen to go. These double standards for potential TV revenue is getting too transparent.

  3. They got away with an elbow to Shannon's nose just before the Letang hit. Someone took a run at King K but ended up in the box for it (was it too obvious?)

    Talking about King K, maybe he's learning a thing or two from our plus/minus leader (leading on the minus side, that is). The crossing to the middle to take the shot is classic Gonchar in his prime - not sure why he is not still doing it?

    Carkner now 2 for 2 in his latest heavyweight tilts. Will it be 3 for 3 against Colton on New Year's Day?

    Nice to see the team win - I'm afraid if it keeps up that we will be close enough and the Eug will force BM to be a buyer at the deadline. We need more "pups" to play with King K.

    Cowen and Lehner doing well at WJ's so far ....


  4. We don't have the horses without spezza. We don't have the horses with him. Unbelievable there was no call, no review. Actually, is it? Campbell -the game fixer- is head of discipline. Better question: is anybody ACTUALLY surprised? Bettman and his cronies have turned the NHL into a bona fide garage league, and it'll never end until he and all his cronies are out.


  5. JL

    Lehner has not played at the WJC yet. It was the other goalie in net for their team. I'm hoping he plays tonight.

    I pray that Murray does not get desperate & trade youth for an older player at the deadline. We must be sellars if we are out of the 'race'. Get picks -- 2nd's or 3rd's most likely.

    But is he desperate enough to pick up Rolston who has been put on re-entry waivers. That's 2.5M for the remaining this season & next I believe.