Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brian Lee to be "Show Cased!"

- Brian Lee, after about 25 games, is to be "Show Cased" for the Home State Team and their fans...I'd play him with Kuba so he looks tougher and faster!

- Only Koivu and Havlat have the offence to hold the puck on the goalie so Pascal's hip flexor and saddle should be safe till the third period.

- Nick Foligno is/will be our best road player from now on!

- I wonder if Regin ever looks at the number on his sweater and wonders??

- When I come back after I die, reincarnated as Stan Mikita, I want to play in Tranna where I can slash, spear, cross-check and hit guys from behind all season long and not get a penalty, then get traded to the Senators for the playoffs!

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

- "Hord our Draft Picks!"


  1. Nik:

    Had to laugh at your comment about playing 5 with 17. It's a gamble, as they are both big "bags of gelatenous material". In reality, it can't get much worse (even a late rounder would be welcome).

    We'll see if the "dads" have any effect this year - it spurred things on last year.

    1X has always been lucky for me as a number: maybe you need to "exercise" your demons!

    The new motto of teams building a contender: "Pick often, and pick well".


  2. JL:

    "Pick often and pick well!" we like that!

    How about a new SENs motto: "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...turn 'em into draft choices...and pick often, pick well!"