Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too tough to watch!

Too tough to watch even with the sound off...PM at least get your left and right part of the screen right...the wife's watching the left side of the screen where you told her to watch and the infraction occurs on the right!

- PM...stop commenting on "EriK", he could stop you with just his feet, he would not even need his stick! Plus he could skate you at your best...right into the ice!

- the old guys are "done" and the kids are not ready...yet!

- when I played Pee Wee the "Goaler" had no mask...when he would stand side ways in the net we would accuse him of being afraid of the puck!!!

- And when he lets the go ahead goal in every third period, we'd convert him to a forward! It should have been about 7 to 1, like as if we were playing with out a goalie!

- Rocco is no penalty killer, he doesn't know who to cover or where to stand so if you are going to continue to use him as such, teach the guy a few things he's never killed anything in his life!

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