Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Four (4) in a row!

For you dorks, like Johne and Peter Sidorkowz, who insist there is no ZEBRA MGMT, the new Modus Operandi is the calling of one team for FOUR (4) count 'em four penalties in a row it completely exhausts them, even if the home team doesn't score they are done...this little tactic ensures that Washington is going into the New Year's game on the come back...the Habs suffered 5 in a row last night and they were down two nothing...Jacques says: "Tabernacle, quatre en ligne et un autre pour le bon measure!" to the French guys that is...

Ottawa has had this happen three or four times this season...this is the ZEBRA telling you, I'm in control here "Bub" so let's see if ya can beat these guys short handed all night...the worst part it totally defeats a veteran team mentally cause they know what's going on...

Example: How do the "Broad Street Bullies" get nothing against us and get 9 minor penalties the next night...give me a break...


  1. Yeah. Coupled with the game fixing evidence against colon campbell. Very less than subtle ways of deciding the outcomes of games. Welcome to Bettman's vision of the nhl.


  2. pg

    There was always a little "Fixin'" by the Ref but lately, this year especially, they want to choriograph the whole every game!!

  3. There certainly is favoritism in this league.. either penalty-wise or discipline-wise.

    Bryan Murray was right.. IF that would have been Ruutu or Neil hitting Crosby like that.. they would have called for their head.

    But it will not change anytime soon ... so we just have to live with it.

    Maybe it will come out that MAYBE some of these refs are going the way of the NBA -- if you get my drift.