Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feed Pascal to the Sharks!

Ya gotta fight fire with fire, feed Pascal to the Sharks, tell him we don't care how well you play, just win the game...two to one, six to five we don't care!

Coach you cannot play your big penalty killing center (Rocco) against "Big Joe" he is not good enough defensively, Fish gets that job all night.

9MM gets "Fifteen White" and he better skate him into the ice because he can if he wants to!

Give Kelly Jaarko back and tell'em to shape up...Neil goes around out there shooting like a guy with a broken hand!

Foligno, Winni and Shannon are not a fourth line so tell them they don't get the night off, we want "at least" a plus one on the score sheet and one goal!

Coach Carvel, start playing Chris Phillips 27/28 minutes a game, he's gotta show Kuba and Gonchar that an "Old" DEFENCEMAN can play hard and well even though he's logging big short, we need him to lead, we need him at his best again!

The Sens hockey fans, the people of Ottawa want a DEFEAT of the Sharks!


  1. Agree -- a win against the Sharks... And loud booing or whatever goes against Heatley.

    I'll be there loud & proud.. It's time he finds out exactly what the FANS have to say in all of this.

    After all he quit on this team and walked out on his teammates.. damaged the reputation of this organization who gave him a 2nd chance after the tragedy in Atlanta.

  2. Sandy:

    I wonder if his old Ottawa "Consort" will be there tonight!