Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hats off to Kelly!

Hats off to Kelly and his original line...excellent!

A tip of the cap to Pascal, but before we get too excited, that shortie went into the center of the net, what goes on there, it almost sunk the ship as we immediately went into the tank and the "Box!" You don't guess and fall down and away when you know everyone goes high glove on you all the time!

Butts and the first line was just OK!

If Coach Clouston even thinks about breaking up Kelly and Ruutu I am going to lock him in the "Bat Cave!"

Chris Phillips just seems to settle Sarge and Kuba...they look to him and say "OK Let's go!"

Kuba's wrist effected his passing late???

Ya don't think the Zebra have an effect on the out come of the game...look how far those two non calls go!

"EriK" doesn't know if he should stay or go...gentlemen that's bad coaching...let the kid go...let him soar with the eagles!

Winni is averaging an offencive zone penalty a game lately, let him sit one!

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