Saturday, December 4, 2010


We need some changes!

Do better...score a goal!

Chris Phillips is going to lead us out of this slump...believe it or not the offence comes from the "D"!

I want Butler!

Rocco change your game, you are no longer a have the worst pass completion percentage in the are paid to finish your plays...shoot the GD puck, that's all ya got!!

Cut "EriK" loose...let him run I don't care if they get a couple on him, he'll get us rolling on offence!

"Sarge" tighten your gun site...start knocking the odd defenceman down...ya might get a little more room and you just might get one!

This is Elliott's team give the man some goal support!


  1. Chris Phillips did have a good game last night and he did jump into the offence but he has trouble hitting the net. Eric was fun to watch. Alfie looks like he might be shaking off whatever it is that is hurting him. I know we are all frustrated by the lack of scoring but the team seemed to be working, this time.

    I don't know if Butler could continue his scoring in the NHL but it may be an experiment worth pursuing. It sure would be nice to see a puck in the other net again - almost forget what if feels like.

  2. PvR:

    Only the Rangers like 1700 (5 o'clock in the afternoon) and we're in tough against Lunqvist showing off for our Swedes!