Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Canes are tough!

Down five (5) to one in minor penalties at the end of the second but still tied, they beat Tranna 4-3 in the third in a typical one-sided, ZEBRA MANAGED Leaf game...the best (or the worst yet) two (2) "even-er-upper minor penalties" @ the 20:00 minute mark of the third period...and that horse poo is really starting to stink!

Oh ya in Tranna they count a "Double Minor" as only one penalty on the score looks my day it was two for the high stick and two for drawing blood...that's why they called it a double...double means two!!

We shall go as far as Brian Elliott wants to take us...

Alfie talks to the kids and that includes Kovalev...

Petr has suffered enough, he will be Sensational tonight...

"EriK" will break Staal's heart tonight, letting him think he has a break away and then tracking him down from behind...I think it's the best exhibition of skill and speed on display in the NHL today!

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