Monday, December 13, 2010

The comeback that never was!!

- tonight was the Buffalo turn around game that didn't materialize.

- an overtime loss to these guys tonight was not good enough.

- anyone who thinks Kuba is a 4 million dollar offensive defenceman should have their head "Read!"

- Rocco just gives too many of those easy ones away eventually they come back to haunt you. That's why he can't play vs the big offencive lines during the's never occurred to him how dangerous those plays are!

- Elliott's lightning glove has gone tentative...

-"Erik" will have to learn how to finish the rush, those pucks to no where are not good enough, ya can't just turn it over time after time...

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"


  1. Nik:

    At least they showed some bravado to come back from 3-0. I was sure it was lights out. Goes to show they are not a playoff team - couldn't put it away, despite the pressure they put on "Hotlanta".

    "Rocco" likes to play the hero and the goat at the same time.

    Elliott's confidence is gone again.

    I hope we "inherit" someone like Byfuglien from some cap strapped team next year - what a gift from the Hawks.


  2. Don't re-sign expiring contracts. Forget loyalty to players, remember loyalty to fans.

    Kuba should have been traded for the 2nd that was offered at the deadline a couple years ago. Instead BM resigned the soft old slow guy (big surprise there) of course with his patented ntc. Another big surprise. That's become his "signature move".

    Who will be the next GM for the Sens? It sure as shit better not be BM.

    And fire Colon Campbell.


  3. Byfuglien would be nice. Those kind of gifts don't come along too often though. Along those lines however, I would be love to have Brooks Laich back in the organization again. Power forward type, left winger, proven point producer, and I believe he's a free agent next year.

    Do it Murray! And do some spectacular drafting in 2011 with all the pics you get from selling all the expiring contracts at the deadline. Then maybe pg won't have you fired.

    Ps. Say what you will about Kuba's positioning, defend the only top six centre on your team all you want, and deflect our attention to the great come back in the 3rd if you must, but that no-look pass move in OT, 4 on 4, at a critical moment in the season, is total horse shit. The players know it. The coaches know it. Unfortunately Spezza can't get it through is thick scull. He can be a hero at times for sure. but if he doesn't grow up, he'll just keep burning us with this stupidity. It's starting to wear very thin for me...

  4. When Murray re-signed Kuba he had played well. But he's fallen off a lot.

    Spezza 'Rocco' had a great game.. but made that one mistake that cost them the win. But where was the D? What about Elliott? How many goals have been scored on him from that same shooting position. Too many to count. They knew exactly where to shoot from.

    Can you say Nabocov? If you want this team to make the playoffs -- it's not happening with Elliott & Leclaire.
    If you want them to take.. keep the same goalies.

  5. Gentlemen:

    "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

    Non-action number 2..."keep, aquire, steal and do not deal any/all draft picks!!!"

    Note: For the rest of his career, "Rocco" does not hit the ice in OT, 4 on 4, without "EriK", as he is our only D-man fast enough to keep up and get back to cover #19's turn-overs!

    Note@: I still love him going done on goal but when he stops and gives it the "Donation" to son, grand son, daughter, wife, sister and me...we, all go to the games in different parts of North America..."Oh,!!!"

  6. I love spez's creativity and skill. His bone-deaded turn-overs are the reason he will never be a great player. But he certainly is good. Sometimes his play alone is worth the price of admission.

    And I like Laich as well, but I'll still have BM fired. Sorry Bri, you're a nice guy and all. I just wish you would have kept your word when you said you'd never GM again after anaheim and stayed on as coach.


  7. Spezza needs a 'finisher' to play with. Michalek is still recovering from the knee surgery. Alfie is playing hurt - it's obvious.

    Brooks Laich -- yes lets get back the player we never should have traded.

    If the Sens finish out of the playoffs - let's hope it's lower in the standings to get the 'prime' offensive weapon this team desperately needs.