Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!

- Jason Spezza is not a penalty killer...never was , never will be...too passive...ya can't follow the play when you are killing!

- It time to start to blame the goal tending, neither one of our targets deserve to be in the show! Brodeur...the "Kid"...time to give someone else a chance!

- Kuba is hurt again or he better be because nobody in the "Bigs" is allowed to play that timid when he's healthy. He's our "China Doll!"

- As a team we are not fast enough or aggressive enough to play Coach Clouston's dump and chase!

- Alfie change your skates...tuck 'em in a size smaller we need that step!

- Foligno is TERRIFIC!

- Alexei says "F*$K You Coach!"

- Gonchar cannot believe this is the same team that should have beat him in last year's playoffs..."Can I have a Mulligan!"

- John Tortorella yells at the Zebra, shits on 'em...waves 'em off and they love the guy, he must be their New York kinda guy!

-Thought for the week...from pg; Oman; Sandy; Michael; JL; PvR and me: "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

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