Thursday, December 2, 2010


Resilience our team has none...I think the Zebra just beat it out of us in the early going this season.

Ya can call it rebound control, you can call it down too early, you can call it not catching the puck, you can it a Sponge Bob belly pad, you can call it not handling the puck well, but all I know is the puck is in play for the opposition forwards all the time, every cycle, every rush!!! If we were playing "Road" hockey I'd have the goalie, #33, deflecting it into the snow bank every shot because he sure cannot cover it!

The puck sure doesn't roll for Nick Foligno like it used's the training camp hex...and ya better believe it!

Someone should tell "Rocco" it's a "rest" nap not a sex nap!

Do something...bring someone up...sit an old forward and an old defenceman!

Our broadcasters fiddle while Rome burns...Gordie sounds like he enjoys it!

Coach Clouston appears to have lost his "Magic!"

The Power Play genius should be "shot!"

PM is a pre-packaged jerk...where did he play and who does he think he is...TSN should make him their first cut!


  1. I was impressed with PM tonight actually. I was amazed at how well he was able to talk with Thortons rhymes with stick in his mouth all night.

  2. GN:

    The mute button got another work out tonight!

    It's as if TSN treats us as turn coats for going with Sports Net!

  3. The truth is this is a bad team and has been for going on three years. People can talk all they want about "good drafting" -1 BM draftee is playing on the team- BM's record speaks for itself. I know it takes time for draft picks to pan out, so the verdict on his drafting can wait a couple years.

    But c'mon, his trading record is disgraceful- we got anally ravegd by sj, not to mention the 2 2nd and 1 first round picks he's traded in the past 19 months in exchange for 2 playoff wins and one fringe NHLer- campoli. His free-agent signings are among the worst in the league. His contract negotiating is horrific, not to mention the fact that he throws in NMC's like candies.

    We've won 13 games in the playoffs the year before he took over as gm. Since we have won 2. 2 games. 0 at home.

    To top it all off, I don't care if the sens are bad. I can deal with it- indefinitely. What I can't deal with is watching a boring team night in night out. Let's be honest here folks. This team is BRUTAL to watch. Which of the great BM's draftees or trade acquisitions is coming to save us? Butler? The collgege cast off who went undrafted for years? Or Locke, the junior phenom but NHL cast off who (much to many 67s fans chagrin) will NEVER be an NHL regular.

    People can talk all they want about how the sens wouldn't make it through a major rebuild financially. I call bullshit. What's eroding the fan base is the pathetic product we ice. I know I for one would certainly go see more games (even if we were losing more) if we had some young phenoms flying around the rink instead of the slow, overpaid, old farts that put on the jersey every night.


  4. Nik:

    With all this cap clearing through waivers, can you feel another trade coming on? Another geratol swilling hasbeen is on his way? Our youth being sacrificed again?

    Melnyk complains about having to make it to the second round in order to turn a profit? Here's a lesson in sound business management: when you have too much deadwood costing you too much in salary, you get rid of them and bring in some new blood at a fraction of the price. Might lose for a while, but a bunch of eager kids would be funner to watch then the geriatric crew we have now.

    M&M: time to blow it up, and use the model of recent cup winners: suck for a while, draft high and well, and eventually you will get your kick at the can.

  5. Things must be really bad.

    I'm starting to agree with pg's comments...


  6. Guys:

    Instead of everyone's positive attributes coming together to make every one better their negatives have conspired to make everyone "worse!"

    This bunch may be done...and we are stuck with'em!

  7. Fisher is my favorite player but he is the symbol of what is wrong with this team right now. Not enough for the $