Sunday, December 12, 2010


From the good ship, SS Senator to Bryan Murray @ HQ in Shawville!

- required immediately one (1) National League type goal keeper to help right the ship!

Be advised: "We have no goalies in our system!!

- Pascal Leclaire lost over board after being put on Long Term Disability...

- Brian Elliott got in the wrong car and was Limo...ed to Bingo for 10 days of depressurization...

- Robin Lehner, who can't get in the goal in the AHL as when he does he's not been good, has been sent to back up at the World Juniors...

- "Our" Brodeur is practicing and that is all, for a long long time...

- Bary Brust, who is only two games under 500 in the NHL and that's better than some guys I know, deserves a shot...

- I know our rule..."Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!" But ya gotta offer Florida one of our "Excellent DEFENCE" prospects for their disgruntled goalie and pay the man his price! It's not just for this year but for a couple!


  1. Yes, Vokoun. Do you think they'd take any of our expiring contracts for him though? Would hate to trade any future assets in the middle of a rebuild.

    We do need a real NHL goalie.

  2. Oman:

    Anybody, who is decent in goal, is going to cost us...however your logic is true...appearently they, Florida, turned down Lee because of his second year...Tomas Vokoun's $5.7 will have to be found "in house" OUR HOUSE but that will be a factor in lessening the return...maybe we could put Kuba and Pascal on LTD telling them both how they are helping the team!

  3. I'd ship Kuba and Pascal out for Vokoun in a heart beat. A couple years ago, this might have been a stupid move, but they're both damaged goods now and it would be closer in salary exchange. Pascal could still play some decent games for them down the stretch, and Kuba could fill a spot and/or help develop their youngsters.

  4. Though I think Vokoun's contract is expiring in the spring... Would be better if he at least had another year on him. With playoff chances slim to nil now, it may be better to give a prospect goalie more time in the show (after we've sold Pascal's expiring contract).

  5. There is also a rumour that Florida may trade Gudbranson (sp). There is suggestion they may want Boston's 1st rd pick (from Toronto).
    If the Sens can get a couple of good picks through trade deadline deals -- do they consider trading one of those high picks from Gudbranson -- he is the real deal. But he is a defenseman. Ottawa needs forwards.

  6. Sandy:

    Florida is a good place to deal for a goalie only I think...Gudbranson is good but he has a Bobby Ore complex, lets let him struggle in Boston for Charielli...

    What I want to know is why "Sarge" can't find us some guy in Russia like Vladimir Trechiak, who will play for us for peanuts!

    Seriously, there are goalies all over the world, it's been 19 years, about time we found one for our team!

  7. @Sandy:

    I'd take Gudbranson in a heartbeat - good Orleans boy plays for home team - big, mobile, punishing defenceman. Dale Tallon is smarter than that though - he builds through the draft (see Chicago).


    You are right. Look at Philly with "Bob" - they fished him out some metal plant city in Russia for "peanuts" - gotta be some other diamond in the rough somewhere in Siberia. Looks like other teams are looking at Vokoun (i.e. Washington) - if I were him, where would I want to go?


  8. JL:

    Not all Czechs like to be surrounded by Russians and Washington is as big a goalie graveyard as Ottawa but I get your point...

    I love all our young prospect DEFENCEMEN but now or July/2011 is the time to make 'em payoff! I think there is enough interest we could start a feeding frenzy...there will not be much else out there to chew on!!

  9. The only prospect D I would trade would be Weircoch. If you can pair Weircoch + a 2nd or 3rd round pick (we may have a few of them if we are sellers at trade deadline) -- you could get Volkun out of Florida.

    There is no way Cowen, Karlsson, Rundblad or Gryba is to be traded.

  10. Despite his struggles in Bingo, I think Weircoch still has tremendous upside. Watching him play in training camp, I saw flashes of brilliance. He may not be the next Duncan Keith, but he could be close if he matures and develops properly.

    I would like to see them all stay with the Sens personally, filling in as contracts expire and or veterans retire.