Friday, December 31, 2010

I like this Line-Up!

Just good enough to provide some watchable hockey and make a real hard run at 9th place.

Brian Elliott will bounce back tonight...

As I recommended, Mr. Kuba should have been sat two seasons ago.

It's tough to sit Jaarko but he drew one too many penalties @ the wrong time and the Coaches (plural) don't like him...

I shall enjoy tonight's game as I have finally got my mind around the potential of this team...

So deadline, box 'em and ship 'em...anyone, over 30, who wants to get on the plane out of town...

"Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

Note: Alfie should finish this season with the Sedins...the final piece to their puzzle...

We would recommend to Eugene that he keeps the present MGMT GROUP but only if they agree to gut the place...I'm talking the "whole room!"

"Hey" Mr. Zebra, there usta be a "rule"...ya put the brakes on, on a penalty's over, no goal...what's all this "American College" doodles???


  1. Nik:

    First and foremost - Happy New Year - here's looking forward to many more discussions about our Sens.

    Tonight's game may be watchable hockey, but it will be a pale comparison to the Canada vs. Sweden conflict - a great game. Prospects doing fairly well - Cowan solid - Lehner let in one softy, but held his own - shut them out in the shootout - I feel conflicted!

    I agree that Els should have a good game tonight - after all he'll have Lee safeguarding the front of the net - can't be any worse than that gelatenous bag that's sitting out.

    I think "the Brian" maybe auditioning his "Bingo Boys" from now until the trade deadline to see what he has to "play" with - replacements for the "deadwood" that might (and hopefully) get shipped off.

    I would love to see Alfie win a Cup (and do a "Bourque" - he deserves it - too bad it can't be here. Vancouver maybe a good spot. Don't know if they would bite though.


  2. You don't have to get rid of the whole team.

    Think about it. The rebuild has been done on the defense. It's just a matter of waiting for them to get more experience. I'm all for keeping Phillips. He's played much better as of late... and the only one I can think of that can guide the young D in the future.

    The goaltending is set with Lehner. It may take a year or 2 before he is NHL ready. Find a goalie in free agency or keep Elliott/Brodeur/Brust.

    There is a good quantity of young forwards -- mainly probably 3 and 4th liners.. but possibly a top 6 or 2.

    The plan is to draft a great young forward this year and to supplement the other forwards with more. It would also not hurt to draft maybe another young goaltender.

    This team will get younger next season. I'm all for keeping Clouston. He is used to working with young players and has done a pretty good job at that. I think he finds it difficult to deal with the veteran players where he is just about a rookie. But it's up to those players to give him respect. Why not let him try it for 1 more yr to see what he can do to mould these young men.

  3. I agree with Sandy re. the defence rebuild going well and trying to keep Phillips. If Alfie goes to the Sedins (though I hope this does not happen, I would wish him well) Phillips could be the next captain.

    Re. Lehner: he's ready to go next year. Snoopy is gone, and Els will be a great mentor/backup.

    And yes, the focus of our scouts must be young forwards with everything you can get at the deadline and draft!

    Don't resign anyone (with the possible exception of Phillips) and pick often and well!

    And Happy New Year! Go Canada!

  4. Happy New Year!

    "Don't re-sign any expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

  5. Phillips should go along with the other old foggies.

    KEEP the current mgmt group?!!! Are you serious? What do they have to do to be fired that they haven't done anyway?