Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I like...

I like the "Status Quo"...Bryan Murray's presser: "I'm staying upstairs and Clouston will remain behind the bench...we shall fulfill our contracts to Eugene...our team is too old and that's my fault...we shall have to live with one winter of 14,000 a game...

Next summer...this is not a new idea...Cam Neely to GM/Boston, Peter Chiarelli to Ottawa upon his request for both moves...because with Chiarelli ya get the whole family, they got politicians, lawyers, teachers, fixers anything you need...

"Don't re-sign any expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"


  1. I like... anyone other than Pierre McGuire.

    Stevey Y would have been nice though...

  2. Where have you been?
    I have been waiting for your comments on the Toronto game.

  3. Oman:

    I'd go outside hockey before I'd take PM!

  4. Paul:

    The Sens were playing so bad they caused my television to mal-function!

  5. Nik:

    I agree. No need to upset things now - as long as BM "sells" at the trade deadline, and does a good job (i.e. maximum return) for the organization. With the team not making the playoffs, the Eug can simply ask BM to step down gracefully, and put a new GM in place far enough ahead in time to handle the draft. If things continue on the ice as they have, we should be in the 4 or 5 spot in the lottery (better if we get lucky with the selection - hasn't happened yet).

    As for "Triple C", his contract simply expires, and the new GM picks his own guy. Hopefully the Eug keeps his nose out of it (the Dave Cameron rumours).

    I think Chiarelli learned well here in Ottawa - he certainly jumped at the opportunity to get Chara (he knew what he would get in him). He just signed an extension with Boston, so the likelihood of him coming to Ottawa is slim.

    As for potential GM candidates, I haven't got the foggiest.


  6. Bryan Murray saying anything is his fault...not going to happen. He'll blame the production of the veterans, the coaches, the Tim Horton's at SBP...and I'd be very surprised if he "sells", given he's looking for a #1 goaltender according to the recent mainstream stuff...

  7. Why the hate for PM?

    Here's the straight dope regarding pierre. Melnyk HAS talked to macguire gauging interest. Not the other way around.

    Why on earth would chiarelli leave Boston? They're loaded and perenially poised to win the cup for 4-5 years. Give up that for a difficult rebuild in a hyper-critical canadian small-market? Why would he do that?

    Everyone should get used to PM, he's going to be the next GM of the sens. BTW, we haven't won a cup recycling old farts at the GM position, why not go outside the box? Seems to be working OK for van so far.


  8. Chiarelli just signed a 4 yr contract last season.. it would take a few picks, I would not want to give up, to get him. But would be nice. Must be another good asst GM like Fenton or Nill that may be ready.

    I'm not in the best of moods. Feel like crying right now... I'm a female.. so that's my right. I feel so bad for the Cdn juniors.. they sat back at the wrong time.. those bastard Russians sat back for 2 periods as they did against Finland & Sweden.. it was their game plan.

    Tarasenko -- what a faker.. you would have assumed he was practically dead. What a way to fake an injury. He's made himself a bad rep in the NHL.. that is if he evers come over.

    If he stays in the KHL... St. Louis just gave us Rundblad for nothing.. Thank you.

    I proud of those young Cdn men. They had a great tournament. They learned a very hard lesson.. play until the last whistle.

    Cowen & Lehner were good. Makes me excited for next season.. but I still have to endure this bad one don't I?