Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eugene...Ya gotta do better than that!

Eugene Melnyk, owner/absent fan with many troubles or with your money really none at all, "Ya gotta do better than that!"

- Fire the Head Coach and give Coach Carvel the acting pay!

- Give Phillips 30 minutes a game (PP even) get him in shape for someone else's playoff run.

- Give Alfie a month off.

- Give Bryan Murray a paid vacation in Shawville until the Trade Dead talkin' to's no bears no fruit!

- Take No. 13 off Petr and send him to the minors...he is not bigger than the "Devil"! I tried to tell you guys...ZacK had an awful time over coming Heatley's jinx!

- Pascal should be made "the" public whipping boy, he deserves it, he cost us the season!! And burn sweater these kids not know their hockey history...#33; #66; #99...

- Gonchar should be sent to Russia for a complete re-build, mental and physical, for next year.

- Kuba should be taken out behind the "Woodshed" for some character building.

Note: the fans want action...we want to see some blood on the floor!



  1. Sounds like our mantra go through though Nik: "Re-signing veterans whose contracts are expiring is no longer a priority." (

    Don't resign, the expiring contracts! Pick often; pick well!

  2. And get any picks and prospects you can get at the deadline!

  3. Pascal didn't cost us anything, BM did. Ottawa's mike milbury. And he still has a job and will be in charge of the fire sale. Hopefully the only thing he'll be allowed to do is trade players away, ANY players away, for picks and prospects. Can't believe this guy may have a job with the sens next year. What a f---ing joke. He better not handle the draft this summer, that's all I'm saying.

    Hopefully the sens free fall will result in us seeing RNH pull on our jersey this summer.


  4. Guys, I have no reason to watch any longer this year until you/they/us change something!

  5. The good news: Larsson!! Nugent-Hopkins!! Landeskog! Couturier! Just don't slip past 3rd, boys, and we'll be guaranteed one of these guys. Plus, with some savvy deals we should be able to score another 1st -yes, I do know Bryan "want a pick with that" Murray is still our GM, but you never know.


  6. I'm all for leaving Clouston where he is. Carvel's not the answer either.

    Let's hope for top 2 pick.. Landeskog I think is the one they pick.

    This is NOT a full rebuild as the Toronto media seems to think. I believe they know nothing about what's going on in Ottawa as proven by some of Murray's answers the other day.

    They want to be competitive next season.. so 5 or 6 new players + a friggin' goaltender.

  7. Landeskog's probably who they'll take if he's available. Nugent-Hopkins is who they should take. Plus, as it'll take at least a few years to be competitive, waiting a year for him to bulk up will be no big deal. More high-end skill, better skater, slicker, great leader... who gives a damn if he fights?