Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are sick of Coach Clouston!

- I'm sick of Clouston!

- We love "Legs" Lehner.

- I want "Rocco" to start playing again so I have something to watch!

- We want Alfie to just "relax" and let his two young (?) line mates do all the grunt work!

- Play Phillips 30 minutes a game!

- If Detroit gets up two zip and starts to skate us into the ice with their version of the trap someone should skate over and conk Babcock on the head!

Note: Slow but sure the Trade Deadline approaches!!!!


  1. I'm personally much sicker of Brian Milbury. I'm astonsihed this guy still has a job, and just praying to god he does not handle the draft this year.

    Getting Spez back will be nice, Spez and Karlsson are really the only two exciting players on the team.

    Good game tonight though.


  2. pg

    The Trade Dead Line will be Bryan's last stand and thus the final play of his career, let's hope he does us right!

  3. Karlsson made a great play in the first getting the puck away from 2 Detroit players and eventually getting it out.

    Other positives I took from that game:
    - Michalek is starting to play much better
    - 2 goals in 2 games for Kovalev -- maybe some
    sucker team will take his lazy ass out of here.
    - Regin got a goal & 2 assists -- good for his confidence.
    - Campoli actually played a good game as well.
    - First game for Lehner against an elite NHL team.. I think he did okay.

    Spezza is probably back next game. Excited about that.

    But with Elliott in net this team will continue to lose.. 1st overall pick is not out of the question.